Cincinnati Veneers and Implants

Implant Crown Placement

Dental implants are the most beneficial option for replacing missing teeth. They maintain the bone level around the teeth surrounding the implant and arm brushed and floss just like your natural teeth.
How's it done
You will be referred to an oral surgeon to remove the original tooth, if it is present, and place the implant screw and abutment. In certain causes, bone grafting may be necessary. The placement procedure can be completed while you are sedated or by just numbing the area in which the screw is to be placed. After this procedure a 4-6 month healing time is required (if the original tooth was extracted a healing period is taken before implant screw placement).
After the area is healed, you will return to our office where a dental impression is taken to allow our lab to fabricate the implant crown (the implant tooth seen above the gums). After two weeks the crown is ready and can be placed in the mouth.